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Elev8 empowers organizations to transform company culture and thrive


Elev8 is a company designed around one purpose: uplifting others. After suffering from extreme executive burnout, I began to question the culture in business that churns through people for the sake of growth and execution. Determined to help organizations find a better path to success, I founded Elev8 in 2021 with a focus on using both my operational and leadership expertise to bring energy, emotional intelligence and leadership back into the boardroom.
Many people on my personal board of directors encouraged me to hang out my own shingle. Some thought I should leverage my health care technology and operations expertise to consult on strategic projects. Others thought I should pursue my other passion, leadership, by writing, speaking and mentoring others. I wrestled with these two paths for an extended period of time. Finally, I asked myself “Why is it either/or? Why can’t it be AND?” And so the idea of Elev8 was born.
For those who don’t just want to execute excellence, but want to inspire others along the way, I would love to come along on your journey.


There is a crisis of trust in the business world and organizations are at a critical need of strong leadership. It is no longer enough to be a subject matter expert or savvy financial mind. Executives need to have honed people and cultural development skills in order to recruit and retain top talent to grow an organization. Associates are looking at their leaders with an expectation of kindness, patience, emotional intelligence and empathy at every level and in every forum. The world is desperate for inspiration. Elev8 each other!

What can you expect?

At Elev8, we offer the traditional consulting services in the healthcare space. With nearly 20 years of experience in Epic conversions, Revenue Cycle operations, and other IT related projects, Elev8 can assist in leading technology transformations and growing technology organizations.
During these projects, you can expect Elev8 to guide and teach your team in good project governance and change management practices, and grow their individual leadership skills.
At the conclusion of the project, you can expect your objectives to be achieved, but also to see a difference in your leadership team. How they collaborate, their ability to think about situations from different perspectives, how they facilitate meetings and how they interact with everyone around them will improve.

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